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Your Freediving instructor - Jon Ammerman

Single Breath regularly offers Freediving Instructors International (FII) Level 1 classes on the Island of Maui Hawaii. These classes are typically scheduled monthly. FII level 1 curriculum is an accredited technique focused program. Students are presented with the absolute latest in freedive knowledge, modern safety, and methodology. Single Breath courses are offered in strict adherence to the industry leading FII standards. Passing students will receive an internationally recognized certification card.

Single Breath is a freediving school started on Maui by Jon Ammerman - a competitive freediver who took second place at the US pool national championship in 2011 and regularly trains with champion divers from around the world. Jon Ammerman received his FII instructor certification directly from 13 time world record holder Martin Stepanek.

The primary focus of Single Breath is on freediving purely as a sport and yogic / meditative practice. Even though the course material is standardized the approach to subject matter is from that perspective.

Single Breath aims to broaden freediving participation by bringing modern dive and safety practices for this amazing sport to Maui.

Other FII classes including level 2 freediver and Waterman Survival classes are hosted by Single Breath and taught by guest instructors. These classes are scheduled as special events. Private level 1 classes are available upon request.

Freedive student receives feedback after their dive
Jon Ammerman ascends with a student from 20M
What you can expect from the Single Breath FII Level 1 freediving class

Level 1 introduces students to the techniques, equipment and safety practices required to properly engage in freediving activities. This is the class that provides divers with a foundation for the sport. By thoroughly understanding and demonstrating these fundamentals divers will be able to go deeper, stay longer, gain additional comfort/enjoyment, and provide correct safety while in the water.

Many level 1 students enter the class as excellent and seasoned spearfishermen. Even if you consider yourself a strong diver who is in the water often, in all likelyhood Level 1 is still the class for you.

At the end of the course passing students will receive an internationally recognized certification card issued by Freediving Instructors International.

Level 1 or Level 2 class

Level 1 certification is now a requirement for enrollment in a FII Level 2 class. It is my opinion that even as someone who regularly freedives, Level 1 is the correct class for you. By providing a strong foundation in the fundamental skills, students completing Level 1 have the required techniques to finish and pass the challenge of a level 2 course. Additionally divers who have mastered the techniques presented in level 1 can focus on learning the more advanced techniques presented in level 2 and better realize the full potential of that class.

Level 2 class

Level 2 classes are not directly taught by Single Breath. They are not regularly scheduled on Maui.
Single Breath will arrange level 2 classes based on demand. Level 2 classes are taught by visiting instructors. Level 2 class offerings on neighboring islands are listed on the FII Website. If you are interested in organizing a FII Waterman Survival or Level 2 class on Maui please send an email with your interest and qualifications.

Freediving safety - assist freediver from depth

Classes are typically conducted over a 3 day period. A general outline of some major topics covered in the class are listed below. (This is not a comprehensive list of all topics)


Location: Kahului - Professional conference room / classroom

Typical duration: 4 hours.

Typical times: 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Major topics include:

  • History of freediving (brief)
  • Safety and Problem Management for freediving activities
  • Equipment
  • Proper Breathing and Freediving Techniques
  • Physiology and Physics for Level 1 freediving
  • Equalization Techniques

Confined Water Exercises

Location: Olowalu - in a reef protected "pool-like" setting with a sandy bottom. Homework is assigned.

Typical duration: 3 hours.

Typical times: 7:30am - 10:30am

Drilled Techniques include:

  • Equipment / buoyancy check
  • Surface entry
  • Correct kicking style for long blade fins
  • Safety drills / scenarios
  • Static Apnea up to 3:00 minute breath hold.

Open Water Dives

Location: Wailea - Beachside. Exact dive site determined based on weather / current. Homework collected and final examination is administered. It is possible to experience 100ft+ visibility. Dolphin and whale sightings are possible. Boat operators are trained and certified freedivers!

Typical duration: 3 hours + exam.

Typical times: 7:30am - 11:00am

Dives include:

  • Buoyancy check
  • Free Immersion dives to a maximum depth of 20M
  • Surface entry practice
  • Constant weight dives to a maximum depth of 20M
  • Safety drills / scenarios at the surface
  • Recovery of a diver from depth

* Exact times may be adjusted to meet individual student / class needs.

Scenic view from the Hina sailing canoe


Classroom [day1]

Confined water meeting area [day2]

Open Water [day3]

* Locations subject to change based on conditions - after registration, please check your email for messages in the days leading up to class.

Learning proper freedive technique
Equipment Requirement

Students are encouraged to use their own gear for this course even if it is not "freedive" specific equipment.

These items are required for participation:

  • Full wetsuit REQUIRED. No exceptions to the wetsuit requirement can be made. (one can be rented from local dive shops if you do not have a full suit, rental fees are typically minimal) + hood is recommended
  • timing device (water resistant stop watch, or a digital watch with a timer of any type)
  • mask , fins , snorkel
  • weights and weight belt (small weight increments recommended ~2 lb)

If you have questions about the equipment requirement please contact Single Breath.

If you plan on purchasing any of the above items please contact Single Breath BEFORE making any purchases for additional guidance.

Specialized freediving equipment is available for sale at local stores on Maui. Dive Maui supplies a full range of freediving gear.

Fitness and Health Requirement

Students must be fit and able to safely engage in freedive/sport related activities.

Pregnancy disqualifies students from enrollment.

Students with preexisting medical conditions may still qualify for enrollment, however they must provide a participation waiver from their physician.

Full and unconditional refunds will be given to all students not meeting the fitness / health requirements.

Legal Requirement

Students must be 18 years old to register for Single Breath classes. *

Students must thoroughly review and complete medical information and liability waivers prior to class. These documents are provided to students after completing registration and deposit. They are given to students early so they may be reviewed with family, physicians, and legal council.

Certification Requirement

In order to receive certification students must:

  • Fully attend every component
  • Complete and return 1 homework assignment
  • Demonstrate the confined water exercises to a passing level
  • Demonstrate safety and problem management to a passing level
  • Perform a series of progressively longer breath holds to the comfort level of the student
  • Perform a series of progressively deeper dives to the comfort level of the student
  • Pass a final examination

NOTE: There are technique / academic requirements for passing the class.

NOTE: There is no minimum "depth requirement" for passing this class. So relax and HAVE FUN!!!

NOTE: Max breath hold for this class is 3:00. Max depth ("dive floor") for this class is 20M (66ft).

NOTE: Participation does not guarantee certification. Students must demonstrate all the required skills to a passing level.

Code of Conduct

Single breath recognizes the equality and beauty of all people regardless of race/gender and sexual/lifestyle preferences.

Students will not engage in derogatory behavior during class.

Students will be immediately dismissed if this code of conduct is violated. No refund of any kind will be given.

* Some FII instructors may take students 16 years and older at their own discretion.

FII Freediving Instructor Jon Ammerman


Jon Ammerman a.k.a Single Breath

Phone: (808) 276-9833

Web: www.singlebreath.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SingleBreath

Email: info@singlebreath.com

FII - Freediving Instructors International

49 N Federal Hwy, Suite 296, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062

Web: www.freedivinginstructors.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/FII.Freediving.News

Phone: (954) 323-2222

Email: info@freedivinginstructors.com

Photography Credits

Curtis Geary

Instagram: @mauifreediver

Facebook: www.facebook.com/curtis.geary

Email: jolt696@gmail.com



Web: www.bluesmiths.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bluesmiths


Freediving without proper training and direct qualified supervision is a risky behavior. Seek training from an active FII certified instructor before engaging in any Freediving or Apnea (breath hold) activity. Only participate after completing and passing a freediving course and under the direct supervision of an equally trained safety diver. Only participate within the guidelines of your certified training level.

A list of active FII instructors for your region is available online at: http://www.freedivinginstructors.com/

Nothing on this website is intended as instruction or encouragement to engage in Freediving outside of an FII freediving certification class.



Refund Policy

Cancellation results in full deposit and/or class fee refund for the following reasons:
[at any time - up to and including first day of class]
* FULL Class cancellation by instructor (weather, class enrolment requirement not met, or other reasons)
(Student can optionally have deposit and or class fee applied to future class)

Cancellation results in full deposit and/or class fee refund for the following reasons:
[with notice up to 1 week prior to the start of class]
* Medical / Health
* Physical fitness
(Student can optionally have deposit and/or class fee applied to future class)

Cancellation results in forfeiture of deposit with option to have deposit applied to future class:
* Medical / Health (Within 1 week of class)
* Portion of class cancelled by instructor after class begins due to weather or other uncontrollable events
(Student will not receive refund, but will qualify for future class attendance.)

Cancellation results in unrefundable forfeiture of deposit:
[no return of deposit, no credit applied to future class]
* Cancellation same day as start of class
* Non attendance same day as start of class
(Deposit in holding from previous class if not applied to a new class within 12 months)

Cancellation results in TOTAL forfeiture of all paypments:
[deposit and any other payments made inluding full class cost]
* Failure to attend a class component without cancellation (see above)
* Failure to attend a class component after 2 previous cancellations (with or without notice)
* Failure to follow class code of conduct - also results in student being immediately excused from remainder of class
(Any credit held from previous class if not applied to a new class within 12 months)

Openwater component policy:
* Students unable to complete OW session due to problems with equalization may attend any OW class seesion free of charge for 1 year
(Students re-attending OW session may be required to pay a boat fee)


Maui Lani Physicians & Surgeons conference room

165 Ma'a Street, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii 96732


Beachfront at the "Hina" sailing canoe - Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui Resort (Parking at Polo Beach Park)

4100 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii 96753



This is my schedule


Dive Maui

1223 Front Street Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761


Confined water meeting area

Beach side - mile marker 14, Honoapiliani Hwy (between Lahaina and Maalaea)


Meditation on freediving